Japanese, born in 1953 in Hokkaido
Lives and works in Seto, Japan

Shozo Michikawa lives and works in Seto, land of potters since 1,300 years. From the traditional craft, Michikawa has kept the use of typical glazes, for the rest everything from his making process to the outcomes is both utterly personal and highly identifiable. Drawing his inspiration from the strength of nature, he implements this energy on the throwing wheel through a demanding creative process. Physically engaging with the clay,  Michikawa cuts and slices his pots, and distorts them by the combined action of a wooden stick and centrifugal force. The resulting appears to be interrupted in a momentum.
His sculptural and intricate works, layered, striated or covered with scales, surprisingly remain in the realm of functional pottery. The physical creative process of Michikawa results in works that embeds an energy coming from the inside that convey the presence and the dynamism of the artist.

Michikawa has been extensively exhibited in Japan and worldwide, his highly performative making process leads him to travel often to demonstrate in front of an audience and conduct workshops.