MichaŽl Verheyden

MichaŽl Verheyden

12 March - 16 April 2022

The new show came as a logical sequel to ?Archetypes?, Verheyden?s previous exhibition at the gallery. But while the previous series mainly focussed on stark silhouettes and rather sober tones, the Belgian designer now resolutely embraces less classical shapes and bolder colours.

Craftsmanship and a passion for rich, naturally sourced materials still define MichaŽl Verheyden?s body of work ? just like a certain logic in form does. Yet, the designer acknowledges the importance of technical innovation and regularly alternates precious resources with more simple ones. His new ?Profilo Povera? table serves as an excellent example: with its slightly corroded top, the piece looks chic and luxurious. Still, in essence, it was made using relatively modest components.

This type of friction remains obvious and distinctive throughout Verheyden?s work. With one of the most poetic works of the show, the elegant ?Feuille? table, he emphasizes this duality even more. Despite being crafted out of rough Oregon pine, the whole feels surprisingly soft. But not only does the table?s finish force us to reflect, so does its composition: from above, the thin and fragile table leaf almost seems to float, while a lower viewing point reveals a clever and unexpected construction.

It is thus safe to say that MichaŽl Verheyden?s work is exceptional: each piece qualifies as both an artwork and an object for everyday use. The numerous Flemish design and craftsmanship traditions keep inspiring the designer, just like his love for fashion, contemporary art and major global cities. Thanks to this diverse mix of influences, Verheyden has developed a unique style: his pieces never scream for attention, yet effortlessly stand out in every interior.

Installation views