Yuki Hayama

Yuki Hayama

Japanese, born in 1961 in Arita, Japan
Lives and works in Arita, Japan

Yuki Hayama was born in Arita one of the birthplaces of Japanese porcelain ware. At a very young age, he started working in a local workshop and was taught the ancestral knowledge of the region. At 23 he set up his kiln and has been creating unique artworks with a signature that transcends both tradition and contemporary.

His unique style is rooted in his fascination for mythology, history, and tradition, and his out-of-this-century dedication to long hours of painstakingly detailed hand painting.  
His intricate compositions of glaze are applied with a brush, without a preliminary drawing of draft directly onto the ceramic. Out of the five colors of traditional hand-ground glazes, the artist, through layering, can achieve more than 72 colors.

Hayama's love for literature shows in his art. Tales and stories unfold on his bowls, vases, and plates. five thousand years of ceramics tradition and the grand narration of natural history is to be found within the intricate patterns of his porcelains.