Morten LÝbner Espersen

Morten Løbner Espersen

Danish, born in 1965 in Aalborg.
Lives and works in Copenhagen Denmark

Morten Løbner Espersen received bis education in the early 1990s in Copenhagen, where he learned a mastery of his craft according to traditional rules. Ever since, he has been busy challenging these teachings. Lobner Espersen’s taste for experimentation has led him to question and deconstruct all of the principles he learned in his training.

Obsessed by the concept of ornament, he has made of simple shapes his objects of choice:  bucket-like vessels, moon jars and classic necked vases onto which he applies thick coats of glazes layer by layer, firing after firing. Fascinated by the versatility of his material Løbner Espersen works towards his goal “to master errors in the glaze to perfection” by assuming a prolific production, inevitably embracing the unexpected as the inherent consequence of his choice of materials.